Mike Adriano Video – Anal Perverts Part 2

Maddy O’Reilly and Jodi Taylor came around and Mike Adriano took good care of them last evening. We managed to record this incredibly hot scene as the babes shared Mike’s hard tool. Get ready for some scene that will simply make you drooling and will make your cock begging you to slide it inside these two nasty sluts.  They have no inhibition and will do anything, both being cock lovers and anally greedy. Just hit that link bellow and see what the two did this time. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed by their amazing performing.

As you will see, the babes are starting with some double blowjob. But they are taking that to a whole new level as Mike fucks their throat and the babe will get their faces covered in spit. Watch Jodi taking out the cock from her throat and having her spit eaten by hungry Maddy, who will also sloppy blow that monster tool. Jodi’s eager ass is stretched the very next moment and horny Maddy is licking on the cock while it goes in and out Jodi’s ass. She confessed that she is a ass juice lover, so you will see her cleaning Mike’s hard cock right after it comes out from Judi’s ass. Amazing ass-to-mouth scenes, balls sucking while ass fucking and ass licking after ass fucking. The two sure got in front of themselves with the incredible scene. Mike will fuck their throat and the sluts will wash their faces with the spit from the deepthroat fucking. For the great ending, you will see both waiting eagerly on the knees and sharing Mike’s creamy cum. Just hit that button and enjoy the free video. I’ll wait for you inside with the entire incredibly MikeAdriano scene. Have fun watching, you little perverts!

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Mike Adriano Video – Becky Lynn and Emma Haize in ButtSluts

Mike Adriano is back and this time he found two anally talented blondes who will take good care of his monster cock. The babes are going to double blow the tool right before he’ll slide deep inside each one. Becky Lynn and Emma Haize are two buttsex nymphos who have one huge passion for anal taste and deep back fucking. Each one will ride the hard tool and their round asses will be stretched to maximum this week. Watch the two going nasty and doing some things you don’t see every day in porn. The scene is simply amazing. Just watch and drool.

So the anal sluts started with some double blowjob, like any other real slut. They just prepared the hard tool for their tight asses, so you will see them performing down on their knees and with the mouth stuffed. One will suck hard on the cock while the other one is taking care of the balls, switching places at some point. Emma will have her ass stretched right after this as Mike flipped her and fucked her ass doggy style. Becky wants to feel that ass juice on her tongue, so she will wait for Mike to take the cock out of Emma’s ass and to stuff it into her eager mouth. The blonde will wash that cock before he’ll go inside one more time. The babes are taking turns in riding the tool right after that, but they are doing it in a big style. While one of them is stretching her ass riding the monster cock, the other one is sucking on the balls. Watch Becky getting her ass filled and see how Emma is tasting her asshole, licking it eagerly right after Mike pulls out his cock. The scene is truly amazing and the great ending is even more. Follow the link bellow for the entire MikeAdriano scene. I hope I’ll see you all next week. Stay tuned, everyone!


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Too Much Anal

Hi there! We came here to show you once again what Mike Adriano is capable of doing with one round tight ass. He found another anally greedy babe and stretched her nice round ass on camera in this amazing POV. He will take advantage of the fact that it is a great weather and will fuck that redhead outdoor. Just take a look at her receiving the anal fuck of her life and see how Mike is stretching her hole to maximum by sliding the cock deep inside her ass. She is trying for the first time Mike’s thick tool, but her anal ambitions leaded her to us, so make yourself comfortable and watch her reaction as out crazy stud slide the monster dick into her tight hole.


As you well know, these anally talented babes are the best. They will accept anything and love to feel the cock into every hole. That’s why this redhead started her Team Skeet fucking session with some sloppy blowjob. She choose to go deepthroat on the cock instead of regular blowjob just to be sure the fucking tool in ready for her tight hole. Mike took some oil and massaged her butthole and those round buttocks a little. She loves feeling him playing with that eager ass as MikeAdriano will shove his fingers inside, making her moaning. The babe is bending and her ass will be deep fucked from behind. The two will not stop until Mike’s cum is filling out her stretched hole, dribble of nasty cum running down her ass for your viewing delight. Enjoy the entire scene, ladies and gentlemen by following the link bellow. See you all next time with fresh content and another anal slut for Mike’s thick cock.

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Hot Anal Auditions

Hey there guys and welcome back our MikeAdriano blog. Did you miss us? If you did… then we would like to make up for that by releasing another great video in which our man is fucking this horny slut. And you know how Mike likes it, right? That’s right: deep inside her tight little asshole. Just look at how Mike is drilling this horny chick and how much this bitch likes it. She enjoys getting fucked in her ass by Mike so much, that she is screaming like a bitch throughout the entire video. And just look at that juicy pussy… Isn’t it incredible? Wouldn’t you love to be in Mike’s shoes and be able to eat out that incredible cunt? Imagine being able to taste that tight vagina… it would be amazing, right?

This horny bitch came into our studio asking if she could meet Mike. Mike, being a good guy, never says no, so he invited her into his room. They started making out passionately, but they both knew they wanted more, she they undressed. In minutes, they were giving each other great oral sex, but Mike wanted to test out her ass hole, so he stuffed his big dick inside this chick’s tight little ass. And you know what? This anal sweetie loved it! In fact, she was screaming and moaning like a slut the entire time. At the end, Mike took out his big fat dick and jizzed all over this chick. She was covered in hot creamy cum, but she loved it! She even gave Mike a kiss to show him how much she enjoyed getting fucked by Mike Adriano. Don’t believe us? Then just watch this video and see it for yourself.


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Mike Adriano Anal SuperSlut Lyla Storm

Hey there guys, and welcome back to our blog. We are very, very happy to bring you yet another one of our great Mike Adriano videos. Would you like to watch it? We know you would, so press play, sit back and relax, because Mike is taking this horny slut on the anal ride of her life. Just look at how much the brunette enjoys that healthy fucking session, spreading the legs and the buttocks wide open just to make sure the thick fucking tool is going balls deep inside her.

The funny part about any scene is that if Mike doesn’t looking for chicks to fuck on camera, some chick always come for a healthy anal session. Lyla Storm told us that she always dreamed of feeling Mike’s hard tool stretching her ass. She is a anal slut and had this amazing performing tonight. Watch her grabbing Mike’s dick and gagging her throat with it. She will also taste that cock after MikeAdriano takes it out from her ass. She always loved that taste and always was hungry for anal sex. Watch the brunette spreading the buttocks with the slutty hands and waiting for Mike with her legs up in the air. She will have her pussy also fucked and for the great finale she will receive a nice load of jizz on that pretty face of her. Lyla will taste once again Mike’s cock and in the end the brunette will swallow every drop of warm man’s juice. I’m sure the description convinced you to watch the entire episode, so cum inside and see exactly what I’m talking about. Have fun watching, everyone!


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Anally Talented

Hello there, ladies and gentlemen! Mike Adriano hit the jackpot this time with this inked buttsex hunger babe. She is one of the hottest we had lately and her performing gave us all one huge boner into our pants. You are now on your comfy seats and you just got front row seat to the amazing show they did. Watch the nympho receiving a nice rough fucking into her back hole. also having the clit sucked or the throat gagged. If you need prove, just hit that link below and you will see exactly what I’m talking about.


MikeAdriano picked up this anal bombshell from some bar, but he never thought she would agree to go on camera with him. It seem like she is a little freak, so she accepted the indecent proposal. Watch Mike eating her cunt and licking that sweet asshole before he’ll force his way inside. That round ass will be all over the camera. It looks simply perfect with the cock inside and I hope she’ll be back for a second scene. I can truly say she is anally talented and having that tight hole stretched to limits tonight was more than we could ever ask. The babe will taste that ass juice from Mike’s cock as he takes out the thick tool and the babe grabs it to put it into her mouth. It seems like the taste of ass and cock makes the inked babe even more hornier, so she’ll hop on top and will ride the tool until Mike fills up ass cave with his creamy warm cum, dribble of jizz running down her ass for the great finale straight on Mike’s balls. Enjoy, you little perverts and I hope I’ll see you all next time for fresh content.

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Mike Adriano – Anal Ambitions

Mike Adriano is back and he found a anally greedy Latina for fucking tonight. This hairy babe got her hole stretched, her legs spread wide opened and her cute face moisturized for the great ending. Her innocent look made Mike wanting to fuck her even harder. And he did. Watch the little slut enjoying that nice and lubed cock fucking her every hole outdoor as the weather was perfect for a rough buttsex. And the babe is having her first anal fuck, so this one another reason you shouldn’t miss this amazing episode. Grab a seat and watch her in action.

Like always, these buttsex nypmhos are starting the fucking session with the blowjob. This time the two engaged in one hot 69 as the babe placed her pussy on Mike’s face and forced him to lick that pink clit. She got her mouth fucked and that pink pussy of her was also penetrated. After she made sure the cock is wet enough to slide effortlessly into her holes, the Latina chick spread her legs and Mike forced the cock into her tight ass. She’ll moan in both pleasure and pain while Mike is sliding the cock inside. Watch her ass in some extreme close-ups and see how her most intimate parts are reacting while are stimulated. After a while, the nympho will take charge and will hop on top. She will ride the cock until MikeAdriano flips her over and jumps up just to put his cock into her mouth for the last time. He is cuming straight on her tongue and the warm cum will slide down her throat in the very next moment as the babe will swallow every drop. Hit that link bellow and enjoy her even more. I’ll leave you in her company till next week. Have fun, my little perverts & don’t forget that you can enter the http://pornxn.org/ site and find other cock hungry ladies getting their asses stretched by monster cocks!


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Mad Asses with AJ Applegate

Hi there! It seem like Mike Adriano never has a problem in finding horny babes willing to have their asses stretched on camera. Tonight he came with this amazingly hot blonde which you probably know. Her name is AJ Applegate and she is pretty famous for her deep scenes. Well, Mike’s cock will explore her every inch of her holes like no any other cock ever did. He’ll show no mercy for her tight ass or for her throat. Watch her spreading her legs wide open and enjoy our close-ups with her ass while it is stretched. See how her intimate parts react when they are stimulated.

The blonde confessed in the end that he always wanted to try Mike’s thick cock, from the very first moment she saw a video with him. Tonight she will have that round ass finally stretched by the thick fucking tool and she will moan loudly as Mike goes deep inside her sweet cave. After he shoved the cock down on her throat, making her chocking a little and gagging that throat only for your viewing delight, Mike flipped her and the blonde spread those sexy legs wide open for the tool. The pink fishnets fits her perfectly and that almost naked body will be exposed tonight in al it’s glory. That oily asshole is stretched by Mike Adriano’s cock and she will also receive a big load of cum inside it. Dribble of cum blended with ass juice will run down her ass straight on Mike’s belly. The blonde loves the taste of fresh anal sex and will lick that tasty juice. She is simply amazing and you have to see her. Cum inside to enjoy the entire scene and the amazing HQ gallery. See ya all next time!


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Mike Adriano – Inside Her Ass

Mike Adriano is back and this time he found two hungry for ass fucking sluts, so get ready for a double dose of ass fucking. The two got their every hole penetrated and shared that cock like no other. I’m sure the scene will give you one nice boner as the chick have no inhibitions and will do anything to satisfy that thick fucking tool. Just grab a seat and watch Mike shoving his cock into their asses, then in the mouth or in both asses at a run. I’m sure you will love their performing. Just watch and drool.


As you will see, the two anal supersluts are starting with some double blowing. They will share Mike’s cock a little, one sucking hard and going deepthroat while the other one is sucking the balls. The girls prefer it wet and hard as a rock, so they have to make sure it is so only by working hard on it as the cameras start to roll. After that blowing session, these two buttsex nymphos took turn on riding it. One will hop on top while the other one is taking god care of the balls. At some point Mike will enter the back door of one of them. He goes inside her ass and satisfy her eager for anal sex while the other one is waiting for the cock to touch her lips. Watch her licking that ass juice right after Mike is pulling out his cock from that nice hole. She’ll make sure no juice is left on the cock, washing it good, then MikeAdriano will go once again inside that asshole which was spread wide open form the three meanwhile. If you wanna see other sexy babes getting ass fucked, check out the http://captainstabbin.net/ site! The two had one incredible performing, so sum inside and see how everything ended.

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Buttsex Nymphos with Madelyn Monroe

It’s Madelyn Monroe’s turn to be the host for a night for weekly anal update. The blonde in one of those buttsex nymphos and she will ask for a deep penetration from Mike Adriano. Well, that is the only penetration he knows, so the blonde came to the right place. The best part about these anally greedy sluts is that they are all having this bubble round butt witch simply makes you thinking only at one thing. I’m glad we have them here and tonight one of the hottest will be on your screens. Watch the slutty blonde enjoying some rough anal penetration and getting her every hole stretched.

As I said before, anal lovers will do anything. Madelyn here took that cock between her lips right before the cameras started to roll. She let Mike fucking her throat, making her gaggling and  shoving the thick cock down on her throat while his hands were gripping the hair. She sloppy blow the big dick, then she hopped on top, riding that cock fast and getting her pussy satisfied. Right after that the blonde spread her legs and Mike’s monster cock meet her asshole for the first time. I can say that after this ass fucking session, his cock knows that ass better than any other man as he went deep inside her, exploring every inner inch from that sweet smelly hole. She hopped on top for the second time and rode the tool once again, rough and fast, like there’s no tomorrow. Watch her receiving a nice load of cum inside that ass cave and licking the dripping cum from Mike Adriano belly. She loves that taste of ass juice with cum, she said. Enjoy her, everyone! Also you might watch some team skeat videos if you wanna see other hot chicks getting their tight asses stretched by big cocks!


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